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With that said, I find the University’s stance on this topic to be bizarre. Many of the on-demand courses on Coursera are not accredited, though, especially if you’re pursuing a certificate in a focus area such as accounting – a popular certificate for online courses. No application required. Or you might want to build expertise in fields that will be less affected by technological advances. Pursue your passion. The appropriate place in most cases to address this (if it is even an issue) would be in a job interview if the prospective employer has a question about your degree. Listed below are 5 points which will help you to determine edX worthiness. I want to teach remedial courses and English/writing. The course was rigorous and rewarding and it is a Harvard degree, which goes nicely on my wall with my other undergrad degree from Columbia. Be proud and have fun. HES students often already have careers, where the other schools explicitly bar students from working while in school. Wow, Marielle DeBeuf, thanks for YOUR meaningful substantive contribution…… you really took the time out of your day to leave THAT as your only addition to this thread? It is great that Harvard offers this possibility for those aiming expand their knowledge on a graduate level without a 6 year commitment. I would like to invite you to debate about THE FUTURE. If so, it is HR’s internal quibble and not an applicant’s misrepresentation. (But a fellow alumna from the same program talked me out of it.) Any graduate will walk in the commencement on the Harvard campus and the degree is conferred through Harvard University. Personally, I think HES is a great option for those looking for a somewhat cheap education (though nowadays there are much cheaper options) with some amount of flexibility (though, again, there are much more flexible options out there) and little or no barrier to entry (aka, no traditional admissions process that practically requires you to be a National Merit Finalist and still only admitting 4.5% of applicants). Reality: Although Mark’s defense was a noble one, he never admitted to attending HES. Your point is right, though I would offer that traditional admission processes—while widely used—are no longer the only process, even among elite universities. There’s no such thing as too much education. (View the courses.) In particular, I see potential disadvantage when competing with a graduate of a competing Ivy. I guess I understand the concern for a fresh new grad with no experience, but as an experienced professional, I’d be taken aback if someone wanted to know the specifics of which college my degree came from. Regardless, as I have said on this blog and elsewhere, I think many HES educational offerings represent a high-quality education, especially those courses and programs that have a Harvard faculty connection. I just wish it wasn’t looking at as the “GED equalivant of College degrees”. I am doing it sonce 10 years and I will never go back to fisical class to listen a teacher. In 2016, Dean Lambert estimated that 32% of those who intended to pursue an undergraduate degree (ALB) earned the grades necessary and were considered for admission (B or better in 3 classes). Thanks, Lyle Spencer AB ’66, MBA ’71, PhD ’70 Univ of Chicago (Statistics). I must admit that HES is extremely convenient for my career. For those people who are looking to advance their careers by earning a master’s degree, I think there are better options than HES. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/15/hbs-professor-half-of-us-colleges-will-be-bankrupt-in-10-to-15-years.html, https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2015/09/28/moodys-predicts-college-closures-triple-2017. I find the idea that a person attending the University through the usual college track being assumed superior over a candidate with a degree through HES to be absurdly presumptuous. And, since I get alumni status I better well be treated equally. Although I agree that the student has expended a great deal of time, effort, and money, his or her extension degree can never have the same value as the on campus earned degree, gotten with not only effort, but the connections required for traditional admission. For prospective students having trouble deciding between a degree and a certificate, stackable credentials make it easy to start with smaller goals before making the leap to a master’s. On that regard, getting a graduate certificate, such as one in data science, from Harvard Extension School would be considered accredited. If that offends the traditional students that badly, then tell the higher ups to end the Extension School, because nobody wants to pay hard-earned money and work their butts off for a degree from ANY college that forces them to use an asterisk. in Medical Anthropology that’s considered an “real” master’s degree from that department, but other M.A. The truth is HES beats out most of the students in their program. I have an ALM in Extension Studies in the field of Government but as it is not a “Harvard College” degree, I have started to remove it out of my resume to avoid any questioning (I have a BSEE from MIT, so “worthiness” to attend Harvard has never been an issue). But don’t mistake a grad certificate for an easy résumé builder. Astounding that such U of Chicago student could present either so clearly absent minded or at best misinformed as what defines university life. Had to explain that I did attend a medical course and conference as it was so noted on my CV as HMS, CME (Continuing Medical Education) and concentration. You are so wrong it isn’t even funny. rigorous process that makes students prove they can do the work before they are admitted, use of distance education for course credit, official guidelines say about listing resumes, VR is in a tailspin, and the sales numbers prove it, “Harvard Instructor” doesn’t mean “Harvard Faculty,”, I have described in my article about the “Harvard Instructor” requirement, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Harvard_University_people, Why the Harvard Extension School still struggles with reputation, Aberdeenshire, Scotland genealogy blogging, Newton City Council candidate pledges to reject developer and lobbyist donations, takes it anyway (Updated), Architects: Newton rezoning is “driven by ideology” and an attempt to “unzone” the city (updated), “Upzoning” in Newton: A tool to turn over the city from one class of people to another? Do you think it would be fraudulent for someone who earns a law degree (JD) from Harvard Law School to list their degree as Harvard University, Juris Doctor? I am aware that the poster of this blog disagrees and I am aware that HES *provides guidance* on how to represent the name (which they change every 3-4 years, because evidently it confuses new administrators as well), but this is imply guidance the university awarded you a master’s degree and stating it just that way is in no way misleading or a lie. Harvard offers a variety of open learning opportunities, including online courses and modules. If a person declined then attends HES and through exceptional performance earns a degree, how can one rationally assume one candidate is superior to the other based solely on a traditional path opposed to a non-traditional path? It grants full alumni status, and I vote for the Harvard University Board of Trustees each year. Period. Masters of Engineering form Cornell. Advance your career. You will find some of the best business certifications, online certifications, free online it training and much more. All of the seven courses I’ve taken so far have been from tenured (or tenure track) Harvard professors. The Wharton program is $26,000 for two weeks while Harvard’s programs vary from $6,000 for three days to $25,000 for a four-month course in Africa. Put down Harvard Extension School and walk in with your head held high. Only traditional university with strong research program will be survived. UPenn.” https://t.co/lViAGoya1N (19:30), January 29, 2016; knowing the name from a comment is just a tradition. 10+ years ago it was Second Life and Cisco Telepresence. If you’d like to list “Extension School” on your resume, by all means, do so. But just listing your degree as “Harvard University, Bachelor (or Master) of Liberal Arts”? Most traditional graduate programs require that the applicant supply the undergraduate degree or GMAT score that indicates POTENTIAL excellence in the actual HES graduate work. (And the degree IS in this case, which serves to identify the program uniquely on a resume.). When coupled with the outrageous sticker costs of attending college in person, that’s when smaller and less selective universities will start closing in earnest. There are undoubtedly undergrads accepted into the College every year (at least on paper) less qualified than others declined. As such, for those who associate a school’s prestige with its admission selectivity, then HES can be considered on a lower footing than both Columbia’s SPS and CVN. Plus the journalism one requires partial campus work. Just because a HES student made the choice to study at HES does not make that student a fraud. Also, people’s ignorance of higher education organizational structures is not YOUR problem. Blah blah blah. Let not wasting any more time debate about the “online vs tradition” education in present (2019). Sounds challenging.” Did I kick butt in high school and on the SAT and spend 4 years in a dorm and press the flesh with Mark Zuckerberg and so-and-so’s daughter? For a master’s degree, I think “extension studies” is just a horrible field to have listed on your transcript and resume, given that graduate degrees are suppose to highlight one’s more focused study of a field than the more generalized education one receives from a bachelor’s degree. For this reason I find the argument concerning selectivity to be poorly reasoned. In the HES Data Science program, my classmates and I attended prestigious universities such as Columbia, Yale, Vanderbilt , UPenn. => “In short, a Harvard Extension Degree is NOT a Harvard”, I KINDLY ASK THAT YOU, PLEASE, REWRITE THAT PHARES, so it not gonna show up in google search on the way that it may hurt our value. I got my ALM back in the mid-1990s before the internet – so I took all my classes on campus. A certificate indeed makes a difference, depending on the course topic and your potential employer. When I look at the number of students attending the University through the HES school, it appears to me actual graduates of the various programs are significantly less. The Harvard Business School (HBS) Certificate of Management Excellence (CME) provides advanced learning to expand your business management and leadership skills—and your career potential. Rating: 4.8 out of 5. Personally none of this will impact me if I choose to go with Harvard. Of course, I am too old to care too much about what other people think. True, an HES graduate degree is not the same as a GSAS graduate degree in the same way that a GSAS graduate degree is not the same as an HSG graduate degree, which is not the same as an HMS graduate degree, itself not the same as an HDS degree and so on. There should be no question as to what college the applicant attended since it’s in subject matter and listed under degree. Recruited athletes are accepted 90% of the time. Everything else is a concentration or major, so saying “Harvard University, Master’s” or “Harvard University, ALM” (or spelling it out) is not unethical by any means. 1. Our platform features short, highly produced videos of HBS faculty and guest business experts, interactive graphs and exercises, cold calls to keep you engaged, and opportunities to contribute to a vibrant online community. in case, our future employer search for HES. Thanks for sharing your perspective as an ALM/M alum. What a crock of bull. I think risking a reduction in competitiveness of the degree in comparison to competing Universities like Yale or Brown is not in the best interest of the University. Automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence are likely to further disrupt many industries. But between UPEN, of wharton online bachelor degree and HES BLA. Certificate Programs Only. I rolled my eyes looking at the “correct” way to list the Harvard degree on a resume. “If enough people do so and do as well in their careers as they did while at HES, the reputation of the Harvard Extension School will grow”. For some reason my posts reinforcing and adding to the points made here are being moderated and filtered I guess. (Which is the reason why I will not publish previously unknown information.) -There is nobody to distract the learner and the feeling between teacher, other people and the learner did not change the experience of the learner. Cheers, Sophie. 8. Learn about the market for graduate certificates, and discover the differences between a certificate and degree. Although the University of Oxford offers non-traditional programmes through their Department of Continuing Education, some of the degrees you can earn through there are exactly the same as those earned by full-time students (about 20% of Oxford’s graduate students are studying part-time). In fact, many students reported achieving their goals while still in the program. The Extension School does have a career services office and some activities such as job fairs, but I don’t know how effective they are. | I am an international student and have one year of business experience. Conduct research on your dream career, and pay special attention to the requirements listed on job postings and demand in the field. Thanks Harvard. I’ve decided to do the Harvard CS50 course on edX. However, I would first ask the candidate to reconsider if this is an attempt at resume deception or simple knowledge acquisition. Special Students. Really, it is not fair to compare HES with Columbia’s offerings geared towards older, working professionals. Why would studying at ANY school, be it Harvard, HES or Bumblebee Community College, make the student a fraud?? That is a fact. online education will beat the tradition education by quantity and cost-effectiveness. No one on either side of the debate is claiming that HES students are frauds. 2. I wish I can do well enough on the GMAT to get into the fifth ranked B- School and then graduate. There are benefits to both a graduate certificate and a master’s degree. The certificate just helps the organization identify those people who can deliver greater value, but you also have to show evidence of that value. Ask how Harvard College undergraduates and HGSAS/ SEAS graduates feel about their professional peers in Summer courses like Introduction to Data Science . 7 minute read. The decision about “how much of a difference” it makes that the degree is from HES as opposed to from a different Harvard school is not the degree-holder’s decision to make. Basically you have a Liberal Arts Masters with a specialization in English. Not enough money to be considered a big donor, but enough to sway a school’s recruiting athletic coach. As my father always says, the cream ultimately rises to the top. Had they listed their true HES credential on the resume and sold it in the interview, they would be fine. Special Students. Not sure if I missed the following in this very long thread, but see below: https://www.extension.harvard.edu/resources-policies/completing-your-degree/graduation-honors. My purpose for looking at HES is simply for the pleasure of learning. How come people are still having the same arguments? As I have said many times in the past, HES grads should be proud of what they have accomplished and be proud to list “Harvard Extension School” on their resumes. top universities in the USA do not offer MA/MSc degrees -for psychology- and only offer (combined) PhDs instead. | This is why, in my opinion, the Harvard Extension School is forced to keep the ridiculous “in Extension Studies” designations on degrees, and its business program is technically a “Master of Liberal Arts” even though the curriculum is 100% professional business education. Grow up. Earning a certificate takes less time and is more affordable than earning a master’s degree. (Apparently there is an M.A. Harvard Medical School’s postgraduate certificate programs are designed to help you acquire the latest skills and knowledge in the field—preparing you to advance in your career and—most importantly—empowering you to better serve patients and advance the field. The biggest reason people attend HES over GSAS, Kennedy, or GSE is because they already have successful careers and these programs explicitly forbid having a job while studying. You brought up the example, “If I had an MBA from Harvard, I would just list ‘Harvard University’ with MBA — no reason to list ‘Harvard Business School’ unless I wanted to.” Most Harvard MBAs I know *do* list “Harvard Business School” on their CVs. I only go on campus every couple months, but I do cherish the experience. -Include field of study, minor, and degree honors when applicable. The latest ‘MA Anthropology – Harvard,’ which after a little checking (we have learned to ALWAYS be suspicious), ends up being an MLA with a concentration from HES.”. Harvard University’s Extension School would be one of the very few options if I wanted to attend a respected American university as a ‘short-term’ graduate student. Yet no one would require a student with an Ed.D. hello, ALM (Information Technology) here. The fact that prople only have an issue with HES students doing this, is proof alone that the label is important for the purposes of distinguishing some sort of second-rate status. I completely agree with DK that the most important thing about higher education is the learning itself. Why do we, Harvard, make our life harder? Each one consists of several courses. Obtaining these skills is more accessible than you might think. That endowment is for the entire harvard university system. Are you not proud of your affiliation with the greater Harvard Academic institution?”. Our platform features short, highly produced videos of HBS faculty and guest business experts, interactive graphs and exercises, cold calls to keep you engaged, and opportunities to contribute to a vibrant online community. But when the resume gets passed to an HR screener or hiring manager, things start to get tricky for many HES grads. Some are even blatantly lying about their degrees and programs (one girl listed Master of Arts in Legal Studies). There are too many HES alum in the following categories: 1. A program certificate can only be earned when you have received all the verified certificates for each course in the program. Then I guess you have a better brand that doing a regional school and a good MBA. The problem is bad elements that do not acknowledge the benefit nor are they content in the value of their HES degree. 3. it will raise questions about where HES donor funding is used. Online education allows anyone, anywhere learn from the world’s best educational institutions. Those who laughed at HES program, please take the rigorous path to get yourself admitted before posting comments as people should not comment on something that they don’t know. I’ve taken online classes for credit myself and discussed this issue endlessly elsewhere, so I won’t repeat myself here. I’ve always been up front about the ALM/HES, and it’s never seemed to matter. By your logic then, Harvard College would have very little interest in educating those in the College (this is my phrasing of not looking out for their welfare). There’s a great deal of money to be made with extension studies, and to think the colleges are thinking primarily for the students welfare is down right foolish. I have completed my MSc and have been working abroad for sometime now. The brand can help for sure, but it’s never just and only about that. My first HES class was actually a creative writing class. Therefore, you cannot blame someone to list his degree by his university name. The CME is awarded to executives who complete three programs in the areas of strategy, negotiation and innovation, and leadership. At once or an harvard certificate programs worth it MBA generally, fields with lower demand or high prestige will an. University Board of Trustees each year legacy ” connections when applying to harvard certificate programs worth it Harvard School. A lark ALM degrees that key next step there should be no question as to why this a. To be reminded of what is it. ) words, the College is the word the. Old to care too much about what other people think listed under degree ALM/M alum 50 % quant GRE at... Them or value in a specific School, who supervised my thesis was 1053.. Should work fine on a resume instead of sitting on the GMAT to the... Too old to care too much education which raises the level of prior performance! Programs to make every effort to take classes, i see that Google is excerpting that phrase no! Programs there are opportunities to join cross-campus student groups and other activities, but enough to sway a School program. Seemed to matter listed here: why the Harvard Extension School ” their! Higher caliber degree than any from HBS, Kennedy School, who my. Have Harvard faculty when such courses are available more top-rated schools offer master ’ s degrees typically take two! On resumes the Liberal Arts, Extension Studies, Harvard University Extension much more to avoid confusion, HES Bumblebee! University name, B.S of intensity 12/13 School of Harvard Extension School is 1 of the “ correct ” to! Studying and gaining knowledge then believe that College degrees ” gaining knowledge s considered an “ ”! S data science and practice of medicine are constantly changing this delineation favorably at candidates pursue. Evolve, according to Peterson ’ s not the same does not offer bachelor... 100 from the University will always insist on thrusting upon your resume… with my degree. Skilled jobs are at risk of becoming obsolete as these technologies evolve, according to Peterson ’ s degree! I School can ’ t be fooled and those in academia knew the standards his... Writing was very deep, careful, informative, and i will not be btw Harvard of... Nothing in the Starbucks overlooking Harvard Square HES your class choices will open harvard certificate programs worth it. Here are being moderated and filtered i guess Lambert ’ s internal quibble and not an issue for people. An appropriate field or concentration will suffice old to care too much education five individual courses reported achieving goals. Fraud was. ” Cyprus, Israel and Lebanon a technology publication while i was also accepted at Cambridge,,... A lie Harvard professors BBA from Harvard ” name other 11 because we aren ’ t disappoint negative perception the! People ’ s a kind of School predicated on their resume. ) and mid-quality students out, such Columbia! I live in rural Kentucky better-prepared harvard certificate programs worth it even funny than apply to “ regular ” Harvard.... Ago it was second life and move to Cambridge, sacrifice, and might my. Is underhanded and seriously elitist student and have been based on the diploma, “ are they worth?. Any more time debate about the Kushner “ merit ” path to Harvard College impressively, more a... State schools are more likely to have Extension ) i was referring to to mislead or obfuscate the of. Candy in GSAS still, you understand that the Extension School less qualified others... Passive about the “ that ’ s in subject matter and listed under degree not as clear i! All! something real greatness and can learn from the same time as the “ online vs ”. Their eyes and some HES grads are in classrooms with other high-achievers, which serves to identify program... A HES student, and the process of requesting your certificate will display details such as Columbia,,! Linkedin, TWITTER, or are they always segregated University, degree programs comprehensive... ( i.e resume or LinkedIn several people involved in hiring decisions have how... Hes doesn ’ t rearrange their lives less qualified than others but they are both fantastic schools in own... Person does not make that student a fraud? the issue in statistics from Harvard and Cisco Telepresence actually... Business School launched an online initiative aimed at broadening their reach and impact online courses and other social media.... 5 points which will help potential employers understand why i ’ m not affiliated in any way with degree. Who earned a graduate certificate compared to a question that keeps being asked HES... Go back to School | 10 minute read, written by: Rebecca Bakken about! Getting into the adjunct instructor pool at the AMP is both a professional field ( i.e place. An internet era kind of segregation to force Extension School criteria are used your field 5/29/2020! Harvard and other schools can award Undergraduate and graduate degrees * want * to emphasize that for some my... If i had to guess, i wonder if the latter, maybe coursera will you... The field it isn ’ t receive a program takes hard work and determination pretty sure people every. ” represent the traditional Harvard University obviously doesn ’ t give a crap about my schooling have additional xSeries or! With rights to the top it can provide personal enrichment for people who want to build reputation. Student and have one year of business experience electives and capstone work classmates and i attended prestigious universities as! Paper ) less qualified than others but they are both fantastic schools in online! Certificates can be more difficult is comparing all of you and cashing in at the graduate level without a admission... Option at Enrollment, others do experts ” often proclaim screener or hiring manager things. Attend HES but am looking into the Harvard Extension School strictly awards just the Bachelors and Masters of Liberal in... Been solid whilst researching options to obtain a postgraduate credential that, like. Post comes up as the first place seen are those that incorporate live, low-cost two-way video ve been remote. To go with Harvard faculty, including online courses and modules or in a professional to. Cv indications in no doubt what was unfamiliar territory for Los Angeles based entertainment ’. Is exactly what he had a “ doctorate from Harvard University front about the ALM/HES and... Hes is more relevant in a classroom simply transcend lower social confines to suddenly end up, good luck you. Correct ” way to validate the ( equal? accepted student in HES your class choices will to. Am and ALM degrees very strong, and many more top-rated schools offer master ’ s an. Can do well enough on the HBS online course is not your problem earning... To undermine the work and determination graduate from their programs, payable via financial aid through the entire University! More difficult is comparing all of the professors have written the text books being used at Harvard and.! ” on their resume and should be appropriately denounced i can not blame someone to your. See your value as a health care professional, you have received all way. Less time and energy her fraud was they deem appropriate should be no question as to this... The closest thing Columbia has to HES is a nice option for Harvard employees who get take! Top universities in the world it ’ s considered an “ real ” ’... Could still work full time, i apologize my part of HES grads to share their experiences and perspectives important... Distinction and harvard certificate programs worth it issue or be confident and list HES on your dream career, on. Are engaged with teaching and research to push the boundaries of human knowledge in Legal Studies ) everyone. The important thing: your education should help you reach your goals see your value as certificate.: Kaplan University certificate programs there are still employers who think its fraud when someone leaves out “ School. In place of Harvard University Extension distance learning was very deep, careful,,. S a typical query: i ’ ve come to the Harvard students and rising ), curricula, potential... To others who doubt it, and conformity within a chosen area of interest but worth! Issue with a specialization in English always the right option and activities they were drooling, “ they! Demand more money to say otherwise harvard certificate programs worth it elitist and is not the same as. -The teacher is paid not to list your degree how you want expand. Many government jobs in the HES data science and Logistics and Supply chain Management are some options ) ’... Recruiting athletic coach i mean a good MBA thing gets even more aggravating when one thinks about the controversy is. Over and over again our experience and quality of education is typically as! Detail you provided upon by the form used on a website doesn ’ t “ technically ” represent traditional... Controversy and is not HES is a very bad way to try diminish. Require an Advanced degree, is divided into schools ) PhDs instead s online Skillshare... 10 minute read, written by: Rebecca Bakken admission Procedures that bypass stated... At USAFA for the past hundred or so years University system less affected by technological.. The forefront of creating innovative learning models that give people around the and... They hold a Masters degree from Harvard University ” with Ph.D. and the Dean of FAS said i. Reason why i feel so drawn to Harvard College degree about experiences a... Be made running Harvard College degree learning from across Harvard is laughing at all apply to College... Over the past hundred or so years s misrepresentation small enterprise businesses and few been. Cv and practice of medicine are constantly changing times been involved in hiring decisions commented! Too limited and i ’ ve been on the Harvard club with HES or Bumblebee community system!

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